‚You are not a refugee.‘ Roma refugees fleeing war in Ukraine say they are suffering discrimination and prejudice

7. srpna 2022, Ivana Kottasová

Luiza Baloh left her home in Dnipro, central Ukraine, in March. Fleeing the constant sound of explosions, she and her five children came to the Czech Republic hoping to find refuge.

Instead, they found themselves behind a barbed wire fence in a repurposed immigration detention center that was, she says, dirty and full of strangers, some of whom were aggressive towards her and her children.

Baloh, a Roma woman, was shipped off to the prison-like facility alongside other mostly Roma families, while tens of thousands of other Ukrainian refugees found places to stay in private homes and dormitories in the Czech Republic.

“It was like a prison. It was bad. I was afraid there, there were so many people, many scary people,” she told CNN.

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